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Your Yard

Tips to “Yard Your Way” This Spring


(NAPSI)—Homeowners can put their own spin on their personal outdoor space this spring by adopting a “yard your way” attitude, advises the TurfMutt Foundation, which is celebrating 15 years of advocating for the care and use of yards, parks and other green spaces. 

The act of “backyarding,” which is using yards, parks and other green spaces for activities typically associated with indoor life, such as dining, working, entertaining and more, has gained traction in recent years. Now, as the weather warms, the Foundation encourages people to ratchet up their backyarding activities by identifying their personal style and personality. 

“Your yard isn’t just for aesthetics,” reminds Kris Kiser, President and CEO of the TurfMutt Foundation, “It’s purposeful and contributes to our and the planet’s well-being. We encourage you to design your space that shows off your sense of style and supports what is important to your family.”

Here are six ideas to “yard your way” this spring: 

Keep business in the front(yard) & party in the back. If you live in a neighborhood with strict homeowner’s association regulations, you may feel hemmed in by what you can do in the public-facing areas of your yard. But you can use the backyard to really highlight your style, whether it’s cozy and family friendly or modern and sleek. 

Be sensible & sustainable. What you choose to plant in your yard can affect climate change on a microlevel, and eco-conscious homeowners know selecting native plants is good for the environment. They are more resilient, require less water and promote biodiversity. BONUS: They are also easier to maintain. 

Doing budget backyarding is OK. Your yard is full of cost-saving measures that budget-conscious families can take. Skip the fancy restaurant and dine alfresco on your patio. Host a family movie night on a blanket of backyard grass. Or consider trading a pricy weekend getaway for a backyard staycation. 

Nurture biodiverse digs. Human-made and synthetic environments have changed the landscape, so pollinators and wildlife rely on yards and community green spaces to bring equilibrium to the ecosystem. Planting for these local critters can turn your backyard into a private nature preserve. 

DIY your lawncare…or don’t. If you are a weekend warrior who relishes DIY projects, taking care of your yard yourself can be an excellent choice. But there is no shame in your backyard game if you outsource yardwork so you can spend your time outside just enjoying your yard. You could also have a landscaping crew do the basic mowing and maintenance so you can spend your time enjoying gardening or just enjoying the yard. 

Park it for outside time. Community greenspace and neighborhood parks make it possible to “yard your way” even if you don’t have an outdoor space to call your own. Want to sit under a shade tree and read? A community park often offers these kinds of resting spots. Want to do a little hiking but not travel hours out of town? An urban trail system is an excellent opportunity to hoof it close to home. You can even stake a claim to your own patch of nature and try your hand at growing things through community gardening programs. 

To learn more about creating the yard of your dreams, visit TurfMutt.com and sign up for the e-newsletter. Look for Mulligan the TurfMutt on the CBS Lucky Dog television show.

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