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Stadium Costs Increase, Cuts Made

A number of changes have been made to the Livingston Academy Football stadium plans in the wake of a ballooning price tag.

On September 30, some members of the Overton County School Board met with the stadium’s designers. It was there that they learned the budget for the construction of a new stadium had almost doubled, coming in at $8 million from the initial $4.3 million the board approved in 2018.

Board Chairman Mike Hayes said much of the increase has been because of inflated construction costs.

He said by working with the designers to get the estimate down to $5.9 million. One of the areas they could save money was the stadium’s capacity.

We looked at the home side bleachers. Currently today, we are at 1,800,” Hayes said. “We originally planned it going to 2,500. We cut that back down to 2,000, and we cut down the visitors from 1,000 to 700. Just by doing that saved us about $200,000.”

For more on the story, pick up a copy of this weeks Livingston Enterprise.

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