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COVID Boosters, Flu Shots Available

COVID boosters and flu shots are now available for Overton County residents.

According to Megan Reeder, Nursing Supervisor for Overton County’s Health Department said that the two can be taken at the same time.

Flu vaccines can be co-administered at the same time as the COVID vaccine,” Reeder said. “You can get them the same day, you can get them further apart. It’s really which ever you wish.”

Reeder said it is important to remember that the booster is different than a third dose of the vaccine.

A third dose is an addition to the primary series, and we’re looking at that for immunocompromised individuals,” Reeder said.

The booster is available for the general population, and Reeder said that doctors recommend anyone fully vaccinated for over six months get a booster.

Pfizer’s recommendations are anyone 65 and above, we want to go ahead and get a booster dose,” she said.

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