Hollars Home Receives Beautification Award

The home selected to receive the Beautification Award by the Envision Livingston committee is owned today by J.J. Hollars and wife Ginny, and is located at 206 East Cedar Street in Livingston. The following is some history of the home.

Information taken from the Methodist church history book indicates the home was constructed in 1913 by First Methodist Church at a cost of $2,500.00 to be used as a parsonage for their ministers and families.

However, the year it was constructed may have been as early as 1909. Ministers who have lived in the home over the years include: W.M. Lantrip; E.A. Doyle; E.C. Sanders; Simon E. Ensor; Berry J. Duncan; J.S. Rice; Thomas C. Lackey; James Thomas Blackwood; N.I. Townsend; J. G. Harper; S.D. Organ; W. C. Westenberger; Charles J. Hawkins; W. L. Suggs (he and his wife killed in an automobile accident); J. T. Cotton; Rosell M. Johnson; Ewing S. Weakley; Charles S. Parker; and Robert Spain. The home was used as a parsonage until December 11, 1955, at which time it was sold at auction to Dr. and Mrs. M.E. Miller for $5,835.00. In the early 1950’s, Ernest and Naomi West purchased the home from Dr. Miller and wife. Mrs. West had been told during the time the home served as a parsonage, quite a number of marriages took place in front of the fireplace in the living room. After living there several years, Naomi West later transferred ownership of the home to her granddaughter, Jenny Rebecca West, and sometime later, Claude Lee and wife Lois Lee purchased the home from Jenny. The heirs of the Lees sold the house in March of 2019 to James B. (JJ) Hollars.

Because of the poor condition of the home at the time ownership was transferred to the present owners, a vast amount of work was needed to save it from further damage.

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