Public Addresses Muddy Pond Road Issues

Overton County Commissioners met in a Highway Property Committee meeting last Thursday and heard a complaint and a request from a member of the public regarding road issues at Muddy Pond.

A couple from Muddy Pond informed traffic has increased significantly in their area and hoped to bring “unsafety” to the commissioners attention, as well as the Highway Superintendent James Norrod.

“The road is narrow and there’s a lot of tree limbs where you can hardly see around the curves,” the member of the public said.

He also informed edges of the road are chipping away, increasing the slenderness of the roadway.

Norrod said that anything on the right of way, they are free to cut; however, a lot of the limbs are higher and the standard citizen does not have the equipment needed to cut it.

“I can’t hardly stay in one spot too long,” Norrod said.

Norrod informed the members he would “notate” their issues.

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