Habitat Is In Need Of Volunteers

Upper Cumberland Habitat for Humanity’s (UCHFH) Senior Repair Program “Neighbor 2 Neighbor” is seeing continuing growth this year.

Unfortunately, the list of projects is starting to pile up, due to the current local market’s shortage of qualified contractors interested in this type of work.

“We have projects that require some work at a skill level that falls above our volunteer’s skillset” said Pam Ealey, UCHFH Executive Director. “We have a group of volunteers that have transitioned with us from new construction to repair work and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. But there are situations with some of our seniors’ homes that just require a little more effort and right now we can’t even find qualified individuals willing to bid (and be paid) for the work”.

UCHFH is seeking handy men and women that are licensed and insured to do repair work.

Currently there are nine seniors waiting for their homes to be repaired. Some of the work will be handled by UCHFH Volunteers, but the Habitat can’t get projects approved until the entire project is planned out, which includes having bids on certain aspects of the work.

Some of the seniors have been waiting months.

And as time goes along, the situations at their homes continue to decline. Habitat also has nine more projects that need to be assessed to determine the work to be done.

The Habitat office receives calls daily regarding the program.

“We started this program to serve our precious neighbors, as the Senior population is sometimes ignored” said Ealey. “This program benefits everyone, as Seniors living in safe healthy conditions, live longer and happier lives within the homes that they love so much.”

Habitat is working to serve Senior homeowners in Overton and Putnam County.

Habitat is requesting the public to help spread the word of this need.

Anyone working in the repair and construction field, that is properly licensed and insured, is encouraged to call the Habitat office, 528-1711 and speak with Bob Jett, Director of Construction or Pam Ealey.

UCHFH is an ecumenical Christian ministry addressing affordable homeownership and a repair program allowing seniors to age in place.

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