American Legion Hosts Flag Retirement

Yesterday marked the annual celebration of Flag Day.

Many of us take great patriotic pride in displaying Old Glory but when the condition it’s in is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it shouldn’t just get thrown away.

For many, honoring the flag means honoring those who fought for it.

“It shows respect for the veterans and the sacrifices that veterans have made for us,” American Legion Post 4 Commander Norm Osborne said.

Dozens of worn and tattered American flags were given one final salute last night. A solemn sight as area veterans hosted a community flag retirement ceremony on the grounds of Courthouse Square.

“We had continuously collected flags from the cemeteries for last year and this year. Every year, we take what has been turned in and give them all a proper retirement,” Legion member Jim Schnitcke said..

If the flag is worn or faded or ripped, as the U.S. Flag Code says, when it’s no longer a symbol that you can represent, it should be properly retired, which is to burn it.

Many of the flags have been held since last year’s ceremony.

Some of the discarded flags come from residents for this traditional full ceremony.

While the Legion uses this day to ceremonially retire flags that re no longer fitting for display, they also use it as a day to educate proper handling etiquette.

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