Stadium Discussions Continue In Committee

By Jesse Fuhrman


The Overton County Board of Education’s Building Committee met in a special called meeting on Tuesday, June 1 to discuss options for new construction on Livingston Academy’s football stadium that is scheduled to begin in the winter of 2021.

Don Collins and Chelsea Hannan of TTL Engineering presented two plans to the building committee. Both plans include “flipping” the football stadium so that the home side is now where visitors currently sit, and the visitor’s side would be on the current home side. This would be done to eliminate the glaring sun that causes issues for home fans.

The first option would be to build a single large building to facilitate concessions and a restroom facility on the east side of the stadium, built into a prominent hill that would allow the building to have two floors.

Concession stands would be built in to both sides of the building, so the current occupants of the two concession buildings – the Livingston Academy Band and Boys’ and Girls’ basketball teams – could continue to sell their goods and raise funds. Restrooms would be in the middle of the two areas.

“I think it would be a great facility,” said Committee member Mike Hayes.

There would be a second floor to the building, which would contain a visitor’s locker room and a small area for game officials to use. The second floor would also include storage space and a sizeable balcony for use during games and other events like Homecoming and Senior Night.

The football field itself would remain as it is, as it requires no repairs and is in working order. The turf is in good condition and would not be touched as the stands are being built.

A new scoreboard would be part of construction. The sidelines would also be widened by about 15 feet, doubling their current size,

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