Façade Grant Awarded To One Building Owner

The Façade & Building Restoration Grant Program was established to assist in the total restoration, renovation and repair of commercial building exteriors within Livingston Courthouse Square District.

The program assists property owners making capital improvements to building facades, and aims to encourage restoring the original character of historic buildings.

The City of Livingston through its Downtown Revitalization Committee (LDRC) is pleased to announce the first grant awarded under this program.

The grant, in the amount of $12,500, is awarded to the owners of 103 East Court Square.

In their application the owners wrote “We will use modern products to restore 103 East Court Square as historically accurate as possible while setting it up for its best long-term use and sustainability. From correcting the second-floor window situation, which is limiting usage to making the building visually pleasing, we will continue to improve the Square. Rotten wood will be replaced, the I-beam will be covered or painted to blend in, removing paint on brick and hopefully restore the brick, new/restored storefront, door corrections/painting and/or replaced, store front lights for attraction and safety, add long term quality awnings, single awning to reflect business name, relocation of plumbing and electrical will be required on the front and back”.

The total estimated cost of the restoration is $30,000.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Livingston Enterprise.

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