OCBOE Tables Buyout Vote

The Overton County Board of Education (OCBOE) decided to table a vote on a buyout for further discussion.

The OCBOE recently met in regular session and discussed the potential of a buyout for soon-to-retire employees; however, some board members feel as though a buyout structure needs to be formed out of fairness.

Board member Mike Hayes raised the concern that inconsistency of the buyouts aren’t necessarily fair to faculty and staff who are not yet at the age to retire, but would be within a few year window of the buyout.

“If we offer it this year, you may have a few that may not be able to retire until next year or two years down the road,” Hayes said. “If we have a structure where we say we’re going to do it every five years, they can say ‘hey, I’m in this window and I can either go early or wait two or three more years.’”

“I think a structure will be better than just shooting from the hip,” he added.

Board member Mitchell Stonecipher was also concerned about not having the manpower to fill the need of the empty positions if the buyout were to take place.

“I know we’re losing teachers to other counties and we can’t compete,” Stonecipher said. “My biggest concern is that we’re paying people to leave early when we actually need these people in the school system.”

Board member William Abston shared the same sentiment.

Buyouts are meant to be financially beneficial to both the school system and the individual. At this time, there are currently 17 individuals interested in the buyout. This would cost the system approximately $100,000.

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