Troubles At Waterloo Continue

Overton County Commissioners met in a Highway and Property Committee meeting last Thursday and rejected a petition to make a portion of Virgil Murphy Circle a private road due to it’s “importance” to the community.

This item comes to the committee some months after the same property owners requested for the Commission to rescind their improper claim to a portion of the road.

The original length claim was 0.2 miles, and without notice to effected property owners, the county laid claim to 0.35 miles. Due to the improper notice, the claim was rescinded in September 2020.

Property and business owners Alice and Nathan Davey recently put in a formal petition requesting that 300 feet of the road leading into their property—which could be viewed as a driveway—a private road.

Their property would be the only property to be affected in such change.

The Daveys’ attorney Andrea Ayers informed the committee it would be of no cost to the county, and the road would be moved out of a flood plane in order to prevent further erosion and to restore the riverbank—at the Davey’s expense.

“There is constant flooding,” Ayers said.

According to Ayers, the Daveys have been collaborating with conservationists to see what would need to be done to mitigate the flooding issue while also conserving the riverbanks.

The recommendations made by Virginia Tech’s Conservation Management Institute, Defenders of Wildlife, The Natural Resources Conservation Service and other partners involved with Southeastern Hellbender Conservation Initiative made the recommendations of a riparian forest buffer and a riparian herbaceous buffer—which would aid in stream bank stabilization and run off reduction. A recommendation of an access road to facilitate vehicles and reduce erosion was also made.

“If this request is not granted…they cannot do this where the road is currently,” Ayers explained. “In order to have a road that is sustainable to their property, the road needs to be moved. They’re not asking the county to do this. They’re not asking the county to carry the financial responsibility to do that. They want to do it their selves—but they want it to be their private road.”

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  1. Joyce Smith on April 15, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    I grew up going to Waterloo. It’s a natural beautiful place. I have been to Waterloo recently and met the Daveys. These people are doing awesome work at the location. The Daveys should be granted the driveway they need. Time and their own money has been used to prosper the area. I urge the Commission to accept the Daveys request!!

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