OCBOE To Address Stadium Bleachers


The Overton County Board of Education’s building committee met in a work session last week and discussed the next step to take in regard to the Livingston Academy football stadium—bringing the former proposed budget of $8.9 million back to the original $4.3 million.

As previously reported in the Livingston Enterprise, the board approved a budget of $4.3 million over two years ago; however, the project turned into a $9 million proposal that included purchasing additional land and incorporated a regulation-sized track that needed.

The project needed to be approved by the County Commission’s budget committee, however, it was ultimately rejected in October 2020 due to—what some commissioners thought it to be—its “extravagance.” Because of that, several county commissioners maintained that if renovations are to happen the school system’s fund balance can pay for it.

During last week’s work session, building committee Mike Hayes expressed that using $4.3 million (essentially half) of the fund balance would be uncomfortable.

“The county commission originally said that [they] would support the $4.3 million,” Hayes stated. “I got some feedback from the county budget person and some of the county commission is saying that we need to use our fund balance money.”

“If we’re in that type of situation, I don’t feel comfortable using half of our fund balance to do this,” he added.

Hayes explained in the work session that although the stadium’s bleachers are not yet condemnable, the longer it takes to replace highly increases the likelihood of an accident.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Livingston Enterprise.

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