Local Youth Starts A Charity

An individual girl of Overton County has started her own charity and is seeking to serve her underserved peers in Overton and Clay counties by providing them with access to basic hygiene items.

Kiren Webb, 10, of Livingston started this effort in 2018 at the age of seven on whim—unaware of the major impact she could make.

Kiren told us about the beginning of her effort, stating that it all began during a family shopping trip to Academy Sports as they were gearing up for T-Ball season.

“We found [$35] on the floor and when we went to the counter to see if anyone had reported it lost, they said ‘no’,” Kiren explained. “They tried to find out who it belonged to, but they couldn’t find who it was and they said that we could keep it or they could hold on to it, so we kept it.”

She then went on to add that her inspiration truly came from a very special special-education teacher at A.H. Roberts Elementary School.

“She said that there are a lot of things that kids need and don’t have like toiletries, food and stuff,” Kiren said. “ So we decided to go and buy some toiletries.”

She and her mother, Jen Webb, purchased $35 worth of stuff and made five gallon-sized Ziploc bags of toiletries.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Livingston Enterprise.

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