Director Of Schools Removed From Post

The Overton County Board of Education (OCBOE) met in regular session last Tuesday in a meeting that ultimately resulted in the removal of the Director of Schools.

The consideration of the contract for the Director of Schools Dr. Mark Winningham was the first item on the agenda, and the meeting began with a motion to transfer Winningham to a different position in the school system by newcomer Wayne Taylor.

Chairman Jarman Hicks opened the motion for discussion, stating that he had held conversations with Winningham.

“During our conversation, Mr. Winningham felt the relationship between himself and the board is not what it should be and does not know if that can be corrected or changed,” Hicks said.

Opposition for the motion arose from a few board members, with Dolphus Dial saying the decision comes as a new board has been seated.

Dolphus Dial said, “In 10 years we went through I don’t know how many directors.”

“It seems like when a new board has come, it seems like they’re ready to change it to someone else,” he added. “I’m sure two years down the road it will happen again.”

Newcomer Mitchell Stonecipher rebutted Dial’s comments by stating that the board are representatives of the constituents of their districts.

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