Nurses Receive Pay Increase At OCHR

Overton County officials met in a Nursing Home Board meeting last Wednesday via teleconference and discussed a pay increase for current nursing staff.

Overton County Health and Rehab Nursing Administrator Jennifer Bouldin brought forth a proposal to the board at last week’s meeting, asking for a pay increase for LPNs and RNs in order to compete with facilities in the surrounding area.

According to Bouldin, other facilities in the region vary in pay from $17-$19.62 per hour for a LPN.

“Our starting pay is $16 per hour,” she said. “We would like to ask to go from $16 to $18 for the starting pay.”

Bouldin stated that facilities in the area paying RNs $24-$30 per hour.

“We are currently starting our RNs at $23 per hour,” she said. “We are asking to increase the pay from $23 up to $25 per hour.”

Both were approved unanimously.

In addition to the increase in starting pay for the LPNs and RNs, Bouldin asked for an adjustment in pay for the current nursing staff.

“We have a few nurses who have been here for over a year and they’re not making that,” she said.

Current nursing staff who have been with the facility for some time and have a pay rate under the newly proposed increase will receive an adjusted wage to reflect the new increase in the facility’s starting pay.

“If we do all of that, the total annual cost for all of the nurses would be $87,401,” Bouldin said.

Bouldin informed that the total annual cost would also reflect the additional hire of two more RNs.

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