Governor Touts Importance Of Masks

Tennessee newspaper reporters congregated in a community call with Governor Bill Lee on Wednesday afternoon and heard updates surrounding COVID-19 as case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths continue to ravage many communities.

The day of the teleconference Tennessee had a total of 39,406 active cases, 2,183 hospitalizations and 4,466 deaths. The state remains a hotspot in the in country as cases continue to rise and as of Nov. 6 the ranks fifth in the country in the number of deaths per capita.

“The numbers are certainly up,” Lee stated. “Our case counts are up. Our hospitalizations are up. Our healthcare capacity is down.”

Lee explained that the state is in a very challenging situation due to hospitals’ capacities.

Because of these challenges he explained that it is important to reexamine the way we live in our day-to-day lives until there is resolve in COVID-19.

“We’re encouraging Tennesseans to really think about how important wearing a mask is,” he said. “How important gathering when you don’t have to is and how important that simple things that we can do and the choices that we make… Now is the time to begin, return to and continue remaining vigilant.”

While he touted the importance of mask wearing, he maintained that keeping masking decisions in the hands of local government is what is best for the state of Tennessee.

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