Christmas Events Cancelled

Overton County and Town of Livingston officials met in a press conference last Friday and made the announcement that Livingston’s Christmas Parade and Christmas in the Country would cancelled due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19.

Overton County Executive Ben Danner explained that the decision came after surrounding counties cancelled their event.

With the surrounding counties canceling their events, crowds would have been drawn to Livingston—ultimately creating the possibility of a large surge of cases.

“When Allardt had the Pumpkin Festival, they had a spike in Fentress County,” Danner said. “I just do not feel like right now that is what needs to happen now. That is why we are cancelling the Christmas parade.”

Town of Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes extended the same sentiment stating, “Ben and I certainly have a job to do to make sure that Overton County and Livingston are safe.”

While the parade and Christmas in the Country are cancelled, merchants on the Courthouse Square will continue to offer extended business hours during this holiday season.

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