Dunaway Warns Against Fentanyl

In Clay, Cumberland, DeKalb, Overton, Pickett, Putnam and White Counties in Tennessee (13th Judicial District).

The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference is launching its newest statewide awareness effort: “Fentanyl: The Deadliest High.” District Attorney General Bryant C. Dunaway, along with district attorneys across the state, will be focused on educating Tennesseans on the extreme dangers of fentanyl, the most prevalent synthetic opioid in the

United States.

Fentanyl-related overdoses have increased exponentially in Tennessee over the last few years. It is often illegally sold on the streets disguised as other drugs, where users unknowingly take too much and ultimately overdose.

A dose as small as two milligrams, roughly equivalent to the weight of four grains of sand, is considered lethal to the average person.

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