Candidates Submit Expenditures

The candidates running in the Overton County general election have spent more than $18,200 and received $6,050 in campaign contributions, excluding candidate contributions, through the year-end supplemental, pre-primary election, first quarter and second quarter periods, according to a campaign financial disclosure statement required of candidates to file who spend over $1,000 in each period.

Incumbent John Garrett is reported having total expenditures of $5,684.86 in the race for Overton County Sheriff and receiving $1,500 in contributions, excluding contributions from the candidate. Exempt from filing a campaign disclosure in other categories, Garrett spent a reported $1,368 and had one contributor in the year-end supplemental: Tim Kelly, in the amount of $100. In the first quarter, Garrett is reported to having spent $1,506.71, with one contributor in the amount of $200 listed as Johnny Brown. Garrett’s second quarter expenditures totaled to $2,810.15. Contributors following the second quarter were also listed in the report in the amount of $2,810.15 with three reported contributors: the Overton County Republican Party ($500), Beth Cox ($500) and Tony Vana ($200), along with the candidate’s contributions in this period in the amount of $610.15.

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