Friday, April 25, 2014  
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Budget Committee Discusses Officers In Schools

Plans are still in the works to place SROs (school resource officers) in schools, according to an Overton County Budget Committee meeting last Tuesday evening.

County Executive Ron Cyrus announced toward the end of the April 23 meeting that he will be submitting a request to consider to the Budget Committee concerning the officers. He did not specify when he would submit it.

He said that a plan was in the works, which he wants “put forth for the community.”

“I’d like to be able to push to put those SROs on for not just 180 days a year, but try to make them full-time positions. And it’s actually going to come up to equal about two new positions at the sheriff’s department. I tried to talk to the school, and I haven’t gotten any response back from them yet.”

Cyrus said it deals with officers at Allons Elementary, Hilham Elementary, Rickman Elementary and Wilson Elementary.

“The rest of (the schools) around we can pretty well react to,” he said.

He also mentioned the possibility of installing mini-stations around the county with the help of the Livingston Fire Department.

“That gives a sense of security for those communities.”

Also during a meeting, a low bid of $23,475 from Ray’s Backhoe & Loader Service in Allons for work at the

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