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Nursing Home Bylaw Changes Will Have To Wait

Nursing Home Bylaw changes will have to wait, as commissioners last night voted to table a motion to approve changes recommended by the Nursing Home Committee.

Commissioner James Clouse addressed commissioners when the matter came up, stating the bylaws of the nursing home require 10 days notice to review changes, and commissioners have not had 10 days to review the proposed changes.

“According to the bylaws of the nursing home, any bylaw changes have to be submitted to the court within 10 days, before 10 days, and we just received them, like Wednesday, so should we (vote on this)?” Clouse said.

County Executive Ron Cyrus told commissioners it was requested to be placed on the agenda by the Nursing Home Committee.  The bylaw changes would require hiring a liaison, among other things, as previously reported in the Livingston Enterprise.

Commissioner Darwin Clark, who is also a member of the Nursing Home Committee, suggested all commissioners receive a copy of the bylaws for the nursing home.  He then addressed the large crowd of nursing home staff who were in attendance.

“The recommendation from the attorney is to protect the liability of the board and commission,” he said.  “It’s not to change anything at the nursing home to affect that operation at all.  And you know I see a lot of them out here and I want to tell you all, I want to let you all know, that we appreciate the hard work that you do.  You know it takes a dedicated person to do what you all do and I want you all to know,” he said.

Commissioner Frank Martin made a motion to table the matter, seconded by Commissioner Jesse Bowman.  During discussion Commissioner Rick Moles asked if the commissioners could be told about the incident that has led to bylaw changes.

It was decided to hold a work session with commissioners and County Attorney Daryl Colson to discuss the matter.

The motion to table the bylaw changes passed unanimously.

In other business…

Commissioners approved the Education Quarterly Financial Reports and General Purpose Amendment #6, which increased Capital Outlay – Building Improvements in the amount of $299,250.

Commissioners approved the County General Quarterly Financial.

Commissioners approved County General Budget Amendment #8 and Highway Amendment #3.  Amendment #8 was for $476,323.48 for various items, including $390,862.21 for construction, as well as an increase in Chancery Court Clerk personnel and ambulance maintenance.  Amendment #3 was for $70,391.50, mostly for crushed stone and explosives and drilling services.

Commissioners approved three grants, including a Three Star grant for the chamber of commerce in the amount of $15,000 for development of a website; a GHSO, U.S. Marshals, and TN Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force grant for reimbursement of up to three hours per deputy for meth lab cleanup and so much for the assistance of U.S. Marshals; and a library grant in the amount of $3,776.84 with a match of $1,888.42.  Neither of the other two grants had a match.

Commissioners approved a solid waste tire grant in the amount of $11,800 per year for two years, with no match.

Janice Phipps, a former employee of the Veterans Service office, addressed commissioners asking for her job to be reinstated.  No action was taken on the matter.

Commissioners approved the following notaries:  Randy A. Dodson, Timothy T. Sells, Colene Ledbetter, Myra Jane West, Jerry Doyle Hall, John Milton Meadows III, Steve Daniels, Reba Dean Spears, Jenna L. Robbins, Jennifer Lynn Ledbetter and Lee Copeland.

The meeting adjourned.  All members were present for the meeting.

For more on the nursing home, see the related story in this edition of the Livingston Enterprise.

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